We like to live life active

and we noticed that we are not the only ones. Looking around us we see a busy and active Amsterdam. Something that gives us energy. People are getting active. And as both founders know first hand the kind of positivity an active lifestyle brings you, we want to contribute to this.

Created for an active way of life.

As a person who loves to work out and has a passion for style and clothing, co-founder Felix Steltman was growing frustrated with the lack of functional yet stylish activewear available. Missing items that looked so good he could wear them all day, and afterwards even go to the gym in that same outfit.

Together with co-founder and friend Casper Kesteloo a concept was created that would support all people wanting to live an active lifestyle - no matter what the day would bring. So, we started creating clothing that is a hybrid between style and function.

Meet The Activewear Company:

A brand built around active people and the positivity of an active lifestyle. We create premium activewear essentials so you can keep moving. We don’t want you to ever again make concessions when it comes to functionality, comfort or style. Not just for now, but from now on.

A sustainable concept.

When we started The Activewear Company, we realized that sustainability was going to play a big role in everything we would do. Not only in terms of how we produce, but with our concept as a whole. Starting a brand in one of the most eco unfriendly markets, we felt the need to create a concept that can make a difference through clothing, not just make clothing.

We realized that this was an integral part of sustainability. We really believe in slow fashion, and with our high quality clothing that will stay with you for a long time we want to make sure that, instead of more and more clothing, you will actually need less clothing. By creating this hybrid between function and style, items are created that could make your wardrobe a simple yet stylish one for every activity.